Openverse is a social networking project that I've been working on, made to be similar to Nintendo's Miiverse service. Development started in January of 2017, and the project has grown a lot since. It's currently closed to the public. Closedverse, its sequel, is open, though ;^)

In October of 2014, the fourth rendition of Super Smash Bros. was released, and as a result the Super Smash Bros. Series community on Miiverse was replaced with a community made for the game. This caused devastation to the off-topic faction created within the community, and a move to the Legend of Zelda Series community began. However, since many of the Zelda community's original users were angry and report-happy towards the Smashers, one user you might know named PF2M started a forum titled MiiSmash on a website outside of Miiverse. The project was a complete and utter failure, gathering a grand total of three active users, Dewd (now known as Dazant), Vectrex, and myself. The project was later merged into the forum SmashPlaza which gained just as little success, and Dazant later went on to create the partially successful MiiWorld/SmashFeed, but none of that matters, we're supposed to be talking about Openverse. So let's skip to there.
In October of 2016, after eight months of being Miiverse's 1337est hacker, PF2M/I decided to take back up interest in the Miiverse alternative forum idea. I went back to the free forum provider that brought the original two projects and started a new one, tentatively titled Openverse. It tried to take the ProBoards idea and give it exact Miiverse styling, but limitations of the platform caused the project to be dropped on the same day it was started, with the only public mention of it being this Banama post. Nothing else happened involving the project for a couple more months.
In January of 2017, after considering various open-source social network and forum applications, I decided to drop everything else and learn a server-sided coding language (PHP) to create my own social network, no worries about theming or anything like that. Updates were posted to Banama Club and the official logo and styling was decided. The project grew and grew over the course of months, but after not too long development hit a wall due to difficulties and school grades. On July 22nd, 2017, Openverse was "finished" and released to the public to celebrate the Love Live! idol Nico Yazawa's birthday, but it was closed 12 hours after release due to server issues and major bugs. Openverse's PHP release continued to be dormant.
And just under a week after Openverse's release and subsequent closure, Arian Kordi started work on a Python rewrite of Openverse titled Closedverse. It was released in September of 2017, and it's way better than Openverse could ever be, so why not come check it out?

Because I still need this, I guess. Here's the features implemented and planned so far:
• Make posts and comments, send Yeahs and messages, and more.
• Follow users and send them friend requests. Friend requests and messages available on Closedverse
• Post any image or YouTube video you want, more types of media are implemented often.
• No post limits, less rules, and an administration team that will be actually good.
• An accurate off-topic Miiverse experience, created to be as fun as possible for those using it.

Note: Openverse is not-for-profit and is not associated with Miiverse, Nintendo, or Hatena. Please support the products of these companies, as they deserve your business.