here you can find downloads to some of the programs i've made over the years

miiverse clones

server software i made to replicate miiverse

name information link
miiverse world an unfinished miiverse clone "experience" written in php, which i worked on silently through january-february of 2019 before dropping development due to leaving the scene
it was intended to be both a new kind of miiverse clone with a twitter-like feed system and all of the original miiverse css
there are also fanmade forks of miiverse world that try to finish what i started
indigo a miiverse clone written in go in mid-to-late 2018 which has the most features out of any clone overall
there are minor bugs here and there but if you can set it up properly it'll do you good
openverse the first miiverse clone ever made, written between january and july of 2017
despite bugs and poor programming due to it being my first php program, it still holds a special place in my heart
if you're looking for a more stable version of openverse, consider its much more famous rewrite by ariankordi, closedverse

old miiverse downloads

these are only here for archival purposes

name information link
miiverse+ tampermonkey script that added some new features to miiverse
a chrome extension was planned but cancelled when miiverse was announced to be shutting down
yeahbot+ tampermonkey script that allowed you to automatically yeah posts on miiverse
to run it, just install the script, turn on the switch, and new miiverse pages would include a button that will automatically refresh and yeah all posts
you could yeah multiple communities by running it in multiple tabs, and you could even do other things in the background
yeahbot imacros script that allowed you to automatically yeah posts on miiverse
this only works with the chrome version of imacros, as firefox blocks running javascript as a url, which is needed to press yeah buttons
this macro was replaced by yeahbot+
lmr (archive)
miiverse custom image tool custom 3ds homebrew that allowed you to post custom screenshots to miiverse
since this used the 3ds's screen to display images, images had to be either 400x240 or 320x240 to work
more details on how to use it can be found in the gbatemp thread
gbatemp thread (info)
dropbox (downloads)